Hydrophobic PTFE filter
GPF series high-efficiency sterile filter

GPF series high-efficiency sterile filter made of imported PTFE membrane, widely used in the industry of pharmaceutical, bio-products, food and beverages, fine chemical about the gas sterilized filtration. Natural hydrophobicity, high filtration area and 100% retention efficiency to guarantee its complete sterilization of the gas.

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Working characteristics

Maximum Temperature≤90℃
Max.Differential Pressure0.5Mbar / 21°C

0.24M bar / 90°C
Maximum allowable reverse differential pressure0.2Mbar / 21°C
Filtration area1.05m²/10"
Steam sterilization


Online maximum differential pressure0.03MPa

Removal Ratings0.1μm
Resistant to steam sterilization times121℃/30min 120 cycles

GPF Gas/Vent Filter Selection Sheet

  △P=1KPa  6 m³/h  12 m³/h  24 m³/h  36 m³/h
△P=2KPa12 m³/h23 m³/h
40 m³/h
61 m³/h

For example: the largest ventilatory capacity V is 21.6m ³/h, tank designed to withstand the negative pressure values △P is  1KPa, select GPF-P 20 inch filter.

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