HT TefloFlow Filter Cartridges

Cobetter HT TefloFlow® filter cartridges, manufactured with hydrophobic PTFE membrane, polyphenylsuphide polymer support and frainage layers, and its polypropylene hardware is specially formulated with protective anti-oxidants. This filter is specially designed for the sterile filtration of liquid in critical high temerature and ozonated-water filtration. HSLPFI is made of hydrophilic PTFE membrane, dont need pre-wetting in application.

Features and Benefits

  • Oxidation-resistant materials of construction provide Longer serivice life in hot air and vent applications
  • Exceptionally high flow rate with low pressure drop
  • Available laser-etched part/serial number and 2D matrix Code for easily traceable
  • Robust construction offers enhanced steam resistance.
  • 100% integrity tested

Quality Standards

  • Tested with B.diminuta (ATCC 19146) at > 107 cfu/cm2 and meet cGMP Sterilizing-grade filter requirement.
  • Manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • Non Fiber-Releasing per Title 21 ofthe U.S. Code of Federal Reaulations(CFR)
  • Specifaction
  • Performance
  • Ordering Information

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Tyoical service Life in Continupus Flowing Air Service

Maximum TemperatureSerivice Life
100℃(221℉)12 months
110℃(230℉)6 months
120℃(248℉)2 months

Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

HSLPF    (Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane)

HSLPFI   (Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane)

Support/Drainage LayersPolyphenylenesulphide(PPS)
Core/Cage/EndcapsPolypropylene (high antioxidant formulation)
Interal Adaptor Reinforcing RingPBT (Polybutylene terphthalate)/ SS304 Insert

Flow Rate Characteristics


Ordering Information

Removal RatingsEnd CapNominal LengthSealing Material
[Hydrophobic PTFE]
0005 = 0.05μmDOE = Double open end10 = 10 inchS = Silicone
[Hydrophobic PTFE]
0010 = 0.1 μmHTC = 222 o-ring/fat (PBT Insert)20 = 20 inchE = EPDM

0022 =0.22 μmHTF = 222 o-ring/fin (PBT Insert)30 = 30 inchV = Viton

0045 = 0.45 μmHSF = 226 o-ring/fin (PBT Insert)40 = 40 inchP = PFA / Viton

0100 = 1.0 μmSSF = 226 o-ring/fin (SS insert)

0500 = 5.0 μmSSC = 226 o-ring/fat (SS insert)

STF = 222 o-ring / fin (SS insert, 3Tabs)

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