Unlaminated PTFE Filter 

Unlaminated PTFE Filter, also called unsupported PTFE filter, are made of pure PTFE layer of smooth surface but without any support material. They are perfect for air sampling condition where there is high temperature, stronger acids, can withstand stable high temp up to 260°C.

Cobetter offers equivalent to Zylon and Zeflour Filters.


  Filter MediaUnsupported PTFE
  Filter  Thickness130-170 μm
  Filter Pore Size5 μm

  Typical Air Flow Rate
  (Gurley 100mL 1 inch²) 

< 3S
L /min/cm at 0.7bar (70 kPa,10 psi)

Ordering Information

 Part NumberSizePackage
 PF-5SD-3737mm, 5μm50 pcs/pk
 PF-5SD-4747mm, 5μm50 pcs/pk