• Regenerated Cellulose(RC) Filter Regenerated Cellulose(RC) filter media is well know for its ultra-low non-specific binding characteristics . So it’s very good for tissue culture filtration and universal biological sample filtration.Due to its wide chemical compatibility,RC filter is also suitable for a variety of solvent samples.
  • Unichro® Syringe Filters Cobetterlab Unichro® syringe filters are ideal for preparing 1-100mL samples prior to chromatography or other instrumental analyses. The Overmolded Design for higher operating pressures and faster filtration.
  • High particulate (HP) Syringe Filters Cobetter high particle (HP) syringe filters are especially designed for high particle-laden samples. Constructed of polypropylene housing with prefiltration graduated Glass Fiber media, these filters eliminate sample contamination and allow you to filter even the most difficult samples width less hand pressure.
  • Sterile Syringe Filters Filter type available Hydrophilic PVDF - Ultra-low protein binding PES - High flow rate, low protein binding CA - Low protein binding and extractables
  • IC Syringe Filters Provide the fastest flow rates, low protein binding and low extractables. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards