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Manufacturing Process Focus –

Monitoring of Regulations for the Entire Manufacturing Process.

  • Inspection Prior to Manufacturing Procedure – Verification of materials, tools, and methods. The entire process is monitored and controlled to ensure product quality.
  • Verification and Inspection of Initial Product – Inspection of materials , product , equipment , and parameters by monitoring each procedure and recording results to ensure that the operation and quality control are effective.
  • Inspection of Semi-Completed and Completed Goods – Monitor and inspect the entire procedure to ensure product meets the necessary standards and requirements.
  • Feedback – Provide feedback on products and follow-up with any issues.

Quality Policy

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  • ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certification.
  • Document provided by the State Ministry of Health.
  • Report on Filter’s Sanitary Inspection (Advanced Inspection).
  • ROSH Testing Certificate by SGS.
  • Overall Migration in Water by SGS and approved by the FDA.
  • No. 370 Test Report by the Ministry of Health , Labor and Welfare of   Japan for APP, HPP, H2DC, GPF, PFSA2, and SPS.
  • MSDS Material Safety Test Report.
  • Bacterial Endotoxins Test.
  • Oxidizable Substances Test.
  • Materials Component Toxicity Test.
  • HALAL Certification


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