High Flow Filter Cartridges
HFPP150 Filter Cartridge Series

Cobetter HFPP150 High Flow Filter Cartridge is a large diameter, single open-ended pleated cartridge filter with PP core and polyester net cover. It has a diameter of 6”/150mm with a 8m filtration area which results in a high flow rate up to 60m /hr. Flow direction is from inside to   outside which ensures that all contamination is held within the filter.

The PP membrane provides high efficiency filtration for pure water manufacturing. With the PTFE membrane, HFPP150 is also an excellent choice for bulk-chemical filtration.

  • Large Filtration Area and High Throughput

    A multilayer pleated structure helps to remove particles gradually and enhance the filter service life.

  • Available in PP, PES, and PTFE Media

    The PP media has a unique multilayer design with a gradient filter structure that provides large dirt holding capacity and longer service life, thus reducing the frequency of filter replacement.

  • Available in 20”/40”/60” filter configuration

  • Pure PP core and cage provides cleanliness and stength

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPP / PTFE
End cap /Core/CagePP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Differential PressureForward
0.38 MPa/21°C
0.15 MPa/80°C
Filter Diameter150 mm

Filter Performance Comparison

Element and Filter Housing Comparison


HFPP-150 System

Ø 2.5” Pleated

Filter System

Ø 2.5” Depth

Filter System

Time and Labor for Changeout
xj05.jpgHFPP150 Flow System can reduce 90% of the filter elements when compared to the conventional Ø2.5” System. This system is 2 to 3 times smaller than depth or pleated filter systems. The reduction in necessary filter elements and smaller system size decreases production downtime and maintenance cost.

Flow Rate Characteristics

Design Flow15 m³/h30 m³/h45 m³/h
Max. Allowable Flow30 m³/h60 m³/h90 m³/h
Filtration Area2.8 m²5.6 m²8.4 m²

Retention Rate Characteristics

Particle RangeRetention Rate




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