Sea Water Desalination



Brackish and seawater are removed from coastal municipal water production facilities.  To protect the embrane systems, filter cartridges are used.

Pre-RO Filter Cartridges  -Final Protection for RO System

Removes suspended solids in the water and effectively prevents other particles and impurities ≥5µm from entering the RO System.

Pre-RO Filters can reduce RO System inlet water SDI data and increase RO membrane service life. Pre-RO Filters are regarded as the final protection for the RO Membrane System in desalination and brackish water treatment plants.



Recommended Filters
High Flow Filter Cartridge Series
GUF Series

Filter Cartridges for Chemical Cleaning

This filter type removes particulate pollutants from RO components to ensure that the washing liquid has as little particles as possible when using chemical washing for the RO components.  In addition, it reduces the RO chemical washing time

    Recommended Filters
High Flow Filter Cartridge Series

Precision Filter Cartridges
This filter type removes impurities (transmitted by air) in the clean water tank and impurities in the pipe network (transmitted by the chemical sterilization system) to ensure that the water is safe and that there are no particles.
     Recommend Filters
     High Flow Filter Cartridge Series

Desalination System

Cobetter has manufactured and designed a new filtration system composed of 40" and 60" lengthH-FRP (GRP polymer- based) Filter Housings with large diameter to use withHF150NB High Flow Filters. This system is ideally suited for situations where tandard stainless steel filter housings are unacceptable to use.A high surface area cartridge can provide a more cost effective solution than the standard 65mm diameter filters. This system has been specifically designed to offer excellent protection to the membrane systems and reduce the filtration costs associated with water purification.



   GUF Series

   HF150 Series


   Pure Water Filters                                    

   HPP Series

  SPS Series


   Electronic-Grade Ultra-Pure

   Water Filters a-Pure

   EPP Series

   APS Series

4.jpg   Sterile Vent Filters                                     

   GPF Series

  • High Flow Filter Cartridge Series Cobetter High Flow Filter is a large diameter, single open ended pleated cartridge filter. With a 6"/152mm diameter, large filtration area,and high flow rate up to 90m³/hr. It can be widely used in a wide variety of industry with less downtime for change-out.
  • Rolyrolled Filter (RMF-GUF) Cobetter High Service Time GUF (Guard Filters) Filter Cartridges are made of continuously rolled microfiber. They provide 3x greater lifetime than normal meltblown filters. These filters are generally used where longer lifetime, high dirt holding capacity, and low change-out frequency are required. They are suitable for use in pre-RO filtration in water treatment applications.
  • PolyFlow Filter Cartridges Cobetter PolyFlow ,High-flow Filter Cartridges are made of all polypropylene pleated microber, providing great filtration performance with lower cost. Higher flow rates, dirt holding capacity and filltration efficiency make it the optimal solution for the pre-filtration of liquids.