Plasma Separation Membrane 


Cobetter OneStep Plasma Separation Membrane (PSM) is designed and engineered for medical-use quick plasma separation by gravity filtration. With a remarkable asymmetric structure, the polyethersulfone composed OneStep Plasma Separation Membrane (PSM) has various superiorities, including:

separated cell-free -plasma.png

  • Extraordinary Hydrophilicity
  • Outstanding Flow Rate, No-Need of Pretreatment
  • High RBC Retention Efficiency, No Hemolysis
  • Low Protein Adsorption & Low Target Analytes Binding
  • Optimizing Test Blood Volume & High Plasma Recovery Rate
  • Excellent Chemical Compatibility
  • Consistent Performance & Lower CV
  • No-Need of Upstream Centrifugation

Cobetter RB Series, composed of glass fiber, is recommended as another option for quick blood separation, especially for filtering large volume samples. As a blood separation membrane,  Cobetter RB Series is capable to be used exclusively or as a pre-filtering layer in various cases. The superiorities include:

Blood Plasma Separation Filter
  • Outstanding Flow Rate, No-Need of Pretreatment
  • Remarkable Blood Volume Capacity
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Retention Efficiency
  • Non-Hygroscopicity & Excellent Biological Compatibility

Popular Applications

  • Blood Plasma separation layer at diagnostic POCT test strips
  • Immunochromatographic test strips-blood plasma separation filter
  • Upstream blood sample filter at a microfluidic chip/lab on a chip

As the occupancy and reputation increases, Cobetter has developed various solutions of surface treatment for the plasma filtration membrane, indicating our capability of customizing plasma separation membrane product into a variety of filters according to every single specific requirement from our customers.

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