• FRP Filtration System Design At the design stage, professional engineers from Cobetter will design and provide a complete set of filtration systems based on your comprehensive flow requirements. ​Application on Water Treatment System by Membrane:Electronics, Power Generation, Metallurgy, Chemical Industry, Food & Beverage, Brackish Water, Seawater Desalination, Garbage Permeate etc.
  • HF150 High Flow Filter Cartridge Cobetter high flow filter cartridge is designed for membrane process high flow desalination plants.The high flow filter is a large diameter, single open ended pleated filter cartridge. The filter diameter is 6"/152 mm, with large filtration area,and high flow rate up to 90m³/hr. It can be widely used in various industries, with less quantity,less downtime for change-out and significant cost saving.
  • Melt Blown Cartridge Filter Cobetter MBF-PP series PP melt blown cartridge filter apply the Latest technology, the whole filter has very hard mechanical properties, and the compression resistance is twice that of ordinary melt blown filter. It can be applied to some high viscosity and high solid content feed liquids. The melt blown cartridge filter process has a high dirt holding capacity and can with stand more impurities.
  • String Wound Filter Cartridge The WDC Series string wire wound cartridge filter is made of textile dimensional thread (polypropylene, absorbent cotton thread, glass fiber, polyester) wound on a porous (PP, stainless steel) high-strength skeleton according to a specific density, and has a honeycomb structure with outer and inner density.
  • Filter Cartrige Housing Cobetter H-HF150 Series Industrial Filter Housing is designed for HF150 Series Filter Cartridges, mainly used for large fluid (liquid/water) flow rate applications, especially for water treatment. It is designed for large flow rates, this filter housing only requires a small area for installation and is cost efficient and easy to operate when compared to Traditional cartridge filter housings.
  • High Anti-Corrosive Performance Economical Design Cobetter H-FRP-150 filter is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, especially suitable for seawater, brine, brine and other applications. The performance characteristics of FRP make it have good corrosion resistance and guarantee long-term use. The HF150 series high-flow filter element is used inside. A 6-inch diameter HF150 is equivalent to 10-25 2.5 ”deep-layer filter elements, which effectively reduces the number of filter elements and the diameter of the filter barrel at the same
  • Arrayforce Membrane Contactor Process water in many industries requires dissolved gases removal or gases injection. Arrayforce™ gas-liquid membrane contactor provides a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly gas-liquid separation/mix solution for various industries by utilizing hollow fiber membrane with great hydrophobic property.