Lifecube Single-use Bags


The 1980s signed the iconic starting point for single-use system when pharmaceutical companies began to use plastic capsule filters on a small scale. In the 1990s, sterile 10-inch capsule filters (pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation) entered people's vision. At the same time, disposable plastic bags began to be used in the pharmaceutical process and developed rapidly, with the emergence of 2D and 3D single-use plastic bags of different types and volumes. Not only used in storage of liquids, today single-use bags also cover the entire biopharmaceutical process including upstream cell culture, downstream buffer mixing and storage, and storage of the final product. The comprehensive advantages of the single-use system are as follows.

 · Eliminates the risk of cross contamination and greatly improves safety.
 · No need for cleaning and sterilization in place. Greatly increased the annual production batches of the production workshop on the same scale and improved the production efficiency.
 · Reduced the cost for QC and cleaning validation.

Cobetter Lifecube single-use bag is designed by Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. The entire manufacturing process of Cobetter Lifecube single-use bag from raw material storage to product packaging is completed in the ISO Class 8 clean zones. Cobetter establishes and continuously maintains the company’s quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of ISO® 9001:2015 quality management system and cGMP. All the products are manufactured under strict quality system to ensure stable and reliable quality. Cobetter Lifecube can help you achieve simpler process, greater process efficiency and productivity, easier verification, and safer products.


 - The film has low level of extractables and leachables, good physical strength, chemical compatibility, and biocompatibility
 - Easy to process judgment for high transparency film
 - Meet the requirements of various solution storage and transfer in the biopharmaceutical process
 - Flexibly design bags and tubing for various processes


The film of Cobetter Lifecube single-use bags is composed of five layers. The thickness, materials and performance of each layer are given below.

0.23 mm


Fluid contact layer, ultra-low density polyethylene (ULDPE)

Low extractables & leachables, good chemical compatibility and biological safety.

0.01 mm

Bonding layer (Tie)

0.02 mm


Gas barrier layer, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)

Minimizes gas transfusion

0.01 mm

Bonding layer (Tie)

0.05 mm

Outer layer, low density polyethylene (LDPE)

Protective layer

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