BriScale™ VF Vacuum Filter / Storage Systems

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BriScale™ VF disposable vacuum filter / storage systems, provides a complete solution for your filtering needs. The vacuum filtration system consists of a polystyrene filter funnel joined by an adapter to a removable receiver / storage bottle, which can be easily unscrewed from unit and can be sealed with a plug cap for filtrate storage.  

BriScale™ VF for Filtration of High Viscosity Fluids Media 
In R&D process of biological laboratories, many samples are filtered, separated and purified everyday. The chemical properties, particle size, water solubility, viscosity, and protein characteristics of the filter medium will affect the difficulty of separation and purification. Vacuum Filter Unit, a frequently used lab filtration device, can provide the best filtering solution accordingly.

BriScale™ VF
Bottle Tops and Filter Units uses vacuum filtration to provide power, which can not only increase the flow rate and flux, but also reduces the retention volume of the medium to be filtered. It can be used for filtration of high viscosity fluids media.

In terms of sterilization and filtration of cell culture media, buffers, etc., BriScale™ VF can be equipped with different material membranes such as PES, PVDF, PTFE, etc.

In addition, BriScale™ VF can use a special test kit to achieve integrity testing. The vacuum filtration product in China that supports integrity testing, which effectively guarantees the sterility of filtered samples.

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Structure Diagram

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Application Cases

   Membrane Material   Filtration Area   Retention Volume   Vacuum Degree   Test Solution   Filtration Volume
   Purcise SLE 0.22μm    19.6 cm²   1.43 mL   -0.4 bar   DMEM (Serum Free)   150 mL

①:According to ASTM F838 method,it can pass the interception test of 107 cfu/cm² Brevundimonas diminuta (ATCC ®19146)

Membrane Sizes

 ·  150mL funnel contain diameter 50mm  membrane filter

 ·  250mL funnel contains diameter 50mm membrane filter

 ·  500mL funnel contains diameter 70mm membrane filter

 ·  1000mL funnel contains diameter 90mm membrane filter

Membrane Types

 ·  Purcise® MLE 0.1μm: Remove Mycoplasma Level PES series

 ·  Purcise® SLE 0.22μm:Remove Bacterial Level PES series

 ·  Purcise® PAF 0.45:Reduce Bacterial Level PES series

 ·  Corevital® SMD 0.22μm:Remove Bacterial Level PVDF series
 ·  SPF 0.22μm:Remove Bacterial Level PTFE series(suitable for filtering high corrosion material),
 ·  Cobetter also can choose to use nylon and other materials to make double layer membrane configuration by referring to materials’ properties.

Features and Advantages 

 ·  The scale line is clear and accurate;
 ·  The product is with light body, thick cup wall, low center of gravity, and wide bottleneck, which makes it easier to pour out the samples smoothly;
 ·  The connector is designed with threaded teeth shape to avoid side leakage risk;
 ·  The multi-stage design of the external vacuum interface is suitable for various specifications of hoses;
 ·  BriScale™ VF Single Use Bottle Top Filter and the receiver/storage bottle can be provided separately.
 ·  We deal the product with gamma irradiation sterilization, and sterile, dust proof double - layer packaging. So, it can be used directly.
 ·  All membrane types are tissue culture compatible, and heat-sealed to the support grid to maximize flow rate, and reduce foaming and protein denaturization


 ·  Used for the vacuum filtration of buffer, media and components, biological fluids, and other aqueous solutions. 
Used for filtration of tissue culture nutrient solution, biofluid and positioning buffer;
 ·  Used for filtering cell culture medium and other aqueous solution;
 ·  Used for filtering the solution that enable to be sterilized by autoclave.

Ordering Information





   Material of membrane



   C = Whole Vacuum Filter Unit

   B = Receiver Bottle only

   F = Bottle Top Filter only

   150 = 150mL

   250 = 250mL

   500 = 500mL

   01L = 01L

   MLEN  = PES 0.1 μm

   SLEN  = PES 0.22 μm

   PAFS  = PES 0.45 μm

   SPFN  = PTFE 0.22 μm

   SMDN  = PVDF 0.22 μm

   0000  = only Receiver Bottle

   SLES  = PES 0.45 + 0.22 μm

   MLEB  = PES 0.22 + 0.1 μm

   SAFS  = PES 0.45 + 0.22 μm

   SMDS  = PVDF 0.45 + 0.22 μm


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