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As a technology driven filtration company, Cobetter focuses on technologies of filtration, separation and purification. For years, we have been committed to providing customers in different industries with various solutions.

With the rapid development of modern industry and science & technology, environmental pollution is a serious threat to human health and life. In recent years, glass microfiber filters has been widely used in environmental monitoring due to its high flow rate, high retention, high load capacity and high corrosion resistance. Cobetter has developed various types of glass fiber filters to meet different requirements of customers.

  • Characteristics

  • · Strong chemical stability, high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance.

  • · High particle loading capacity.

  • · High air flow rate, low resistance, which will effectively guarantee the sampling time.

  • · No fiber falling off.

  • · High mechanical strength, easy to use and no fracture.

  • · Special hydrophobic treatment, can be used in high humidity environment and still keep the air flow unobstructed.

  • · Various selections of pore size: 0.1-10 μm

  • · Binder-Free Glass Microfiber Filters and Glass Microfiber Filter With Binder for your choice

Typical Application

  • · PM10, PM2.5 air monitoring filters for gravimetric sampling.

  • · Vehicle emissions testing by β-ray method.

  • · Gas absorption filters,protect and enhance sensor performance.

  • · Determination of automobile exhaust particulate matter by gravimetric method.

  • For different application scenarios, Cobetter can provide three types of glass fiber products, which are filter tape, sheet type membrane and protective filter to meet various requirements of customers.

 Glass Fiber Filter Tape

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Cobetter glass fiber filter tape with special hydrophobic treatment has the following properties.

· High particle loading capacity and stronger dust filtration ability. 
· High air flow rate and low resistance.
· High particle retention efficiency, which is 99.99% for 0.3μm particles.
· High mechanical strength, no fiber falling off, no fracture.

Cobetter glass fiber filter tape has two specifications for selection. Also, we can provide customized roll core size, width and length for glass fiber.








Air Flow Rate/s @100ml*1in²*4.88in.waterWater Pressure ResistanceRetained Particle Size (μm)Efficiency of DOP
  GF43AGlass fiber350-50078.70.33-0.43 s10.1 kPa0.3> 99.99%
  CF-YDGlass fiber280-38063.60.79-0.9 s13.7 kPa0.3> 99.99%

 Glass Fiber Filter Disks

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· Strong chemical stability and high temperature resistance. 

· Special hydrophobic treatment and high resistance for moisture content.
· Ultra high particle retention efficiency, which is 99.99% for 0.3μm particles.
· Easy to use and not easily deformed.
· Pore size: 0.1μm, 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm,etc

Cobetter can provide a variety of conventional or special size of sheet type glass fiber filter. All filters will be packed in plastic boxes.








Air Flow Rate/s @100ml*1in²*4.88in.waterWater Pressure ResistanceRetained Particle Size (μm)Efficiency of DOP
  V3AGlass fiber300-45075.30.47-0.69 s3.5 kPa0.3> 99.99%
  GF43AGlass fiber350-50078.70.33-0.43 s10.1 kPa0.3> 99.99%
  GF43Glass fiber350-410700.53-0.63 s14.7 kPa0.3> 99.99%
  GF76Glass fiber330-490770.73-0.9 s16.2 kPa0.3> 99.99%
  CF-YDGlass fiber280-380
63.60.7-0.9 s13.7 kPa0.3> 99.99%

 Gas Absorption Filter - Protect and enhance sensor performace
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In the detection process of gas sensor, the composition of the detected gas is often complex, and it is easy to create cross interference between different gases. For example, for gas sensor that is indicated to detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen could be also on the gas sensor if hydrogen’s concentration is high in the test environment. Then hydrogen may also react and get a signal that the concentration of carbon monoxide is higher than the actual volume.

In order to reduce the interference of some non-specific gases in air detection process, Cobetter glass fiber membrane with special treatment can absorb some interfering gases in the air, such as H2S, HDMs, etc.

· Rapid diffusion speed.
· High adsorption capacity.
· Efficient adsorption for interfering gases.
· Low chemical background, no adsorption on detected gas.
· Provide customization with a variety of specifications and treatment options.
Please consult sales representative for more details.

 Protection Filter


Cobetter protection filter can filter particles and prevent water from entering the terminal precision detection equipment, so as to increase equipment’s life time. 

· Welding and assembling filters in 10,000 Class Clean Room. 
· Various filter sizes and connectors are available.
· A variety of pore sizes for selection.

For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by or leave a message

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