PMP Hollow Fiber Designed for Cardiopulmonary


Raw Material : Methyl pentene copolymer;
Structure : Asymmetrical;
Function : Oxygen and carbon dioxide diffusion in blood;  

Membrane Oxygenator ;
ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) ;
ECCO2R (Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal ) ;
Artificial lungs ;

Supplying Format
Single capillaries 3 km / reel
Single layer mat without angle


   Model   Cobetter PMB11- 400/200
   Materials   PMP
   Pore Structure   Asymmetric
   Surface Treatment   Not available now, No corona
   Knitting Method   Single layer
   Knitting Density   17 wires/cm
   Ends   Closed on both ends (Mechanical)
   Wall thickness   90±10 um
   Outer Diameter   380±10 um
   Inner Diameter   200-225 um
   Bubble Point (IPA)   N/A
   Tensile Strength   ≥ 110cN
   Elongation at break   ≥ 150%
   Implosion Pressure   ≥ 3.5bar



Inner Surface

Asymmetric ultrathin cortical structure <0.5μm, larger pore size, excellent gas permeability.

Outer Surface

Dense cortical structure: small pore size, excellent ability of preventing blood transmission , avoid blood infiltration and blockage, improve the effective lifetime.

PMP hollow fiber membrane.png

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