Inline Gas Filter
Inline Gas Filter For High Temperature &Pressure

LAFS Filters have a compact construction composed of a high-purity stainless steel cage. It is specially designed for the fine fitration of semic-process gas with high temperature and pressure.

Features and Benefits

High Flow Rates & Low Pressure Drop

Inherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane provides exceptionally high flow rates with low-pressure drop.


The filter cartridge and its parts are manufactured and packaged in a clean room environment. Attached to the cartridge are particles and water < 10ppb. It can be used quickly for filtration

100% Helium Leak Test

100% tested using the helium leak test to ensure quality.

Electronic Grade Cage Treatment

Internal Electro-polish with an internal surface of Ra<0.3μm        

Excellent Chemical Compatibility

PTFE membrane and high-purity electronics grade SUS316 cage are both corrosive-resistant with active gas. This feature guarantees stable performance of gas filtration at high temperatures and pressures.

Fine Filtration

Removal ratings of 0.003m which are necessary for fine gas filtration

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPTFE
Support LayerPFA / PP
Core/End CapPFA / PP /PVDF
Removal Ratings0.003μm
Max. Operating Temperature170°C
Max. Differential PressureForward 0.55 MPa / 121°C
Reverse 0.34 MPa / 21°C

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