PVDF Western Blotting Membrane

PVDF membrane is ideal for western blotting application. Cobetter provides high binding capacity Hydrophobic PVDF membrane with the pore size of 0.2um for western blots, dot blots, protein sequencing, and amino acid analysis. 

Strong protein adsorption capacity and signal low background make hydrophobic PVDF membrane perform better than other materials. Especially under rigorous conditions, such as when organic, acid and alkali solvent occurs. PVDF has better sensitivity and less brittle than nitrocellulose as well. 

In addition, PVDF membrane is reusable without a loss of sensitivity or increased background.  

Comparison of performance between Cobetter membrane and other brands. 


  • High mechanical strength, hard to be broken and be curly, good heat resistant and reusable
  • High protein binding ability, high sensitivity, low background
  • Broad chemistry compatibility

Comparison  between Cobetter PVDF western blotting membrane with other brand membranes


  • Target proteins: bovine serum albumin(BSM), molecular weight is about 66 kda
  • Sealing fluid: 5% skimmed milk
  • TBST. Cleaning fluid: TBST
  • Resistance one:  Rabbit polyclonal antibody against BSA
  • Resistance two: Horseradish peroxidase labeling goat resist rabbit IgG
  • Chromogenic agent:: common substrate of Horseradish peroxidase
  • Tranfer membrane condition: rotate 1.5H in wet under 100V constant voltage.

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