PVDF Western Blotting Membrane

In the proteins and nucleic acids transfer and testing process, there is transfer  membrane used , different transfer membrane has diffierent  specification and parameters, in order to achieve the best test result, it is pivotal to choose the right ,uniform and stable tansfer  membrane.

  • High mechanical strength, hard to be broken and be curly, good heat resistant and reusable
  • High protein binding ability, high sensitivity, low background
  • Broad chemistry compatibility

Comparison  between Cobetter PVDF western blotting membrane with other brand membranes


  • Target proteins: bovine serum albumin(BSM), molecular weight is about 66 kda
  • Sealing fluid: 5% skimmed milk
  • TBST. Cleaning fluid: TBST
  • Resistance one:  Rabbit polyclonal antibody against BSA
  • Resistance two: Horseradish peroxidase labeling goat resist rabbit IgG
  • Chromogenic agent:: common substrate of Horseradish peroxidase
  • Tranfer membrane condition: rotate 1.5H in wet under 100V constant voltage.

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