Wine Filtration Solutions

Wine making is a combination of traditional craft with modern technology, where each bottle of wine has its own unique flavor and taste. Contaminants for the wine making process such as bacteria, pectin, peptides, small particles, and yeast can affect wine taste and storage 
life time. To protect the essential characteristics of the wine during storage or bottling, Cobetter provides innovative filtration solutions for 
your entire wine making process to ensure that each bottle is produced to its finest quality.

From clarification and stabilization to bacterial removal and final filtration, we use our technical expertise and know-how to provide 
customized solutions to your problems.


High Flow Rate & High Efficiency Filter   APP Series

High Dirt Holding Capacity & High

Efficiency Filter                                         LGFP Series

Lenticular Filters                                       CSD Series

Excellent Dirt Holding Capacity Filter      PFSA2 Series

Repetitive Backwash Cleaning Filter     BFPP Series


Asymmetric PES Membrane Filter           APS Series

Final Stabilization

Double-Layer PES Membrane with 

a High Level of Sterilization                    DPS Series

Asymmetric PES Membrane Filter          APSB Series

CIP Bottle Washing 

Economical Filter           HPP Series