Acrylic Copolymer Membrane


Acrylic Copolymer Membrane is acrylic copolymer membrane cast on nonwoven nylon support. It is both hydrophobic and oleophobic material with excellent air permeability and broad chemical compatibility. Non-wettable by most low surface tension liquids and high air flow rate makes it an ideal material for a variety of air venting applications. Benefit from the unique casting process, acrylic copolymer membrane is one of the most durable material, which is compatible with multiple welding methods, including ultrasonic welding, thermal welding, RF welding etc.

Features and Benefits

• Robust air / gas filtration and venting performance over a broad range of operating conditions.

• Strong Physical Integrity,resistance to low surface-tension fluids.

• Reduce the risk of bacterial / particulate contamination.

• Ideal choice for medical device venting and liquid barrier application.


• IV Filter Vent

• Urine meters / bags

• Ostomy pouches

• IV spike

• Dispensing pin

• Suction canisters


Acrylic copolymer membrane on nonwoven nylon support

Available Pore Size

0.2μm,  0.45μm,  0.8μm,  1.2μm, 3μm, and 5μm

Biological Safety

Meets USP<88>, for class VI-121℃ plastic


Ethylene Oxide, E-Beam, Gamma Irradiation, UV

Available Format

Roll , Sheet , Disc , Customization.

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