• High Dirt Holding Capacity Filter Cartridges PFSA2 Filter Cartridges are composed of multi-layer Nano-fiber media. Graded pore design provides superior dirt holding capacity. Graded pore size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) removes particles gradually, eliminates surface jams, and extends the filter’s service life making it especially suitable for high suspended particulates, colloids, and viscous liquids.
  • Process Water Filters for Microelectronics Industry EAPS Filter Cartridges are composed of an asymmetric hydrophilic PES membrane, which ensures filtration efficiency and extends the filter lifetime while reducing filtration costs. Especially suited for the filtration of weak acids/alkalis and ultra-pure water.
  • High Service Life Filter Cartridges Cobetter High Service Time GUF (Guard Filters) Filter Cartridges are made of continuously rolled microfiber. They provide 3x greater lifetime than normal meltblown filters.
  • Low Ion Release & Efficient Particles Removal Final Filter Cartridges APSFJ Filter Cartridges are constructed of highly-polymeric asymmetric PESmembrane and widely used for DI and high-purity water filtration applications. Its features include low ion release and good conductivity recover capability to save inline flushing time. In addition, it provides efficient particle removal efficiency to ensure the quality of pure water.