Bottled Water Filtration Solutions


Whatever type of bottled water you produce, Cobetter will provide the filtration products and customized filtration solutions for any component of your bottled water production.

Through our Advanced Validation Center, Cobetter provides the following analytical services including: Bacterial Challenge Test, Contaminant Analysis, Filter Performance Test, Particle Efficiency Analysis and Process Validation.

With products specifically designed for the industry, Cobetter ensures that our products comply with global regulatory guidelines.


Pre-Filters for Sourced Water

Pre-RO Filtration

HPP Series

Pre-Filters with Nano Fiber 

Media for High Efficiency

APP Series

Sterilizing-Grade Filters

SPSHSM  Series

APSB  Series

DPS  Series

High Flow Filters

HF150 Series

Sterile Air & Vent

3-Stage Sterile 

Air Filtration System

SAFS Series

Steam Filters

PSSF  Series

CSSC  Series

SSPS  Series

Pre-Filters for Gas

GGFP Series

Sterile Vent Filters (Storage Tank)

GPFL Series

Vent Housing with Heated Jacket 

H-VCFII Series

Ozone-Resistant Filtration

Prior to Bottling (with Ozone)

PSSF   Series

PSSC   Series

TIC       Series

HSLPF Series

APTF   Series

Vent (Pure Water Tank with Ozone)

HSLPF Series

APTF     Series