Glass Microfiber Filters for Air Filtration


ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter), known as Ultra High Efficiency Air Filter, or Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter. ULPA is a further enhancement of HEPA. Compared to HEPA, ULPA has a more compact and efficient filtration media, a larger filtration area and a higher dust holding capacity.


According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), an HEPA filter should remove 0.3 µm airborne particles in diameter and ULPA filters should remove 0.1 µm in diameter. Rated at removing 99.999% of airborne contaminants, ULPA filters are considered more efficient than HEPA filters whose filtration efficiency is 99.995%.


Cobetter ULPA filter media is comprised of microfiberglass, which is specially designed for absolute clean air applications and can provide the highest efficiency at a minimal restriction to air flow. Its filtration efficiency of micro-particles above 0.1 microns is higher than 99.999%.

Work Zone 

- HEPA filters provide an ISO Class 5 work zone. 

ULPA filters provide an ISO Class 3 work zone thus offering substantially better protection to product.


High uniformity and consistent filtration performance

- High dust-holding capacity

- Special lower energy consumption designs

- Suitable for mini-pleat, deep-pleat, and compact filter processing

- Can be customized to meet specific application requirements  


Medical research laboratories

- Medical facilities, like hospitals

- Respirators

- Medical device manufacturing

- Airborne infection isolation areas

- Pharmaceutical manufacturing

- Electronics manufacturing cleanrooms glass fiber Filter

- Semiconductor production

- Biomedical air filtration and research

- Biological and chemical shelters


General Specifications


Microfiberglass membrane





Surface Treatment



Insert Molding


0.35mm - 0.45mm

Basis Weight

65 - 81 g/m²

Efficiency (0.16µm@ 2cm/s)%

> 99.999

Glass Microfiber Filters for Liquid Filtration


Glass Fiber Filter for Laboratory Analysis


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