• High Dirt Holding Capacity Filter Cartridges PFSA2 Filter Cartridges are composed of multi-layer Nano-fiber media. Graded pore design provides superior dirt holding capacity. Graded pore size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) removes particles gradually, eliminates surface jams, and extends the filter’s service life making it especially suitable for high suspended particulates, colloids, and viscous liquids.
  • Process Water Filters for Microelectronics Industry EAPS Filter Cartridges are composed of an asymmetric hydrophilic PES membrane, which ensures filtration efficiency and extends the filter lifetime while reducing filtration costs. Especially suited for the filtration of weak acids/alkalis and ultra-pure water.
  • Photoresist Specialized Filter Cartridges PRNA Filter Cartridges have a nano-fiber multilayer design that provides high porosity which are good for capturing various shaped particles especially photoresist filtration.
  • LC Infusion Capsule Filters PDF Capsule Filters are specially designed for use in LC filtration. An all fluorine compact structure provides excellent chemical compatibility, low extractable and less product loss.
  • PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Cobetter PSSF Stainless Steel Pleated Felt Filter Cartridges constructed with stainless steel sintered felt and shaped during the pleating process. These filters have a large filtration area. The stainless steel sintered felt is made from stainless steel fiber, which is then sintered under high temperatures to form the porous depth filtration material. PSSF Filter Cartridges features include a graded pore size from coarse upstream to fine downstream, which results in a higher dirt holding capa
  • Ultra-High Flow Rate FPD Wet Process Filtration Ø130 Filter Cartridges are mainly used in high flow rate conditions in the manufacturing process of LCD panels. The design fully meets the space requirements of equipment. Ø130 filter cartridges are able to meet flow rates of 200L/min. In addition, the 2m² filtration area ensures high flows rates and dirt holding capacity which results in a decrease of filter replacements and downtime. Multiple filter media and a wide range of removal ratings are available.
  • High Flow Rate FPD Wet Process Filtration Ø83 Filter Cartridges are designed to meet the flow rates of 100L/min at standard conditions.
  • High Retention Rate Filter Cartridges · Electronic Grade ELPF Filter Cartridges are composed of PTFE membrane. They are inherently hydrophobic and provide excellent organic and inorganic corrosion resistance. ELHPF Filter Cartridges are composed of hydrophilic PTFE membrane. They are recommended for the filtration of polar solvents. Since they require no pre-wetting, they can decrease operating time, thus helping to reduce cost.