Groundwater Sampling Filter


EPA and local environmental protection associations required to use 0.45μm filter to filter groundwater and analyze the dissolved or suspend ion metals.

Cobetter offers two type of groundwater sampling filters with different dimension and filtration area.

The filter media inside is asymmetric PES, which features high dirty holding capacity.. Therefore, extend the filter service life.The pore size are available in 5μm, 1μm and 0.45μm to meet filtration requirement of different dirty level water.

Features and Benefits

· Disposable capsule filter design for easy operation.

· Big filtration area up to 600cm² ensure high flow rate and quick sampling process.

· Low back ground minimize effect on analysis result.


      GWQ    WM
   Filter Media   PES   PES
   Housing Material   Polypropylene   Polypropylene
   Sealing Technology   Thermal bonding   Thermal bonding
   EFA   600 cm²   600 cm²

   Housing Length : 125.5mm     

   Diameter : 73mm

   Housing Length : 138mm     

   Diameter : 65mm

   Inlet/Outlet   Inlet : 1/8"NPT+1/2"stepped hose barb

   Outlet : 1/8"NPT

   1/4"-3/8" stepped hose barb

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