Car Cleanness Filter Detection Membrane

The aim of car cleanness detection is to decrease hazard of particle abrasion, enhance product’s lifetime and reliability . Cleanness detection can be a purchase standard for purchasing from suppliers, also can be used in the quality control of enterprise interior product process. The detection method includes weight method and particle counting method . In both of the two methods ,the monitoring membrane is the most critical one .

Advantages and characters

  • Good chemical compatibility with general cleaners, such as : aviation kerosene, gasoline, alkane solvent etc.
  • Membrane is in constant weight, keep flat with no curly after filtration and drying.
  • Plenty of material and pore size , satisfing different clients’ requirements


MaterialPore sizeDiameter
Nylon Membrane5.0μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane5.0μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane10μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane10μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane15μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane20μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane41μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane100μm47/50mm
Nylon Membrane150μm47/50mm