• High Efficiency Gas Filter Cartridges GTF Filter Cartridges use hydrophobic and high-density pleated technology for a large filtration area thus ensuring superior flow rates, low-pressure drops, and extended service life.
  • GTP Filter Cartridges (E-PFA) GTP® Filter Cartridges designed especially for use in semiconductor processed gas filtration. They utilize expanded PTFE membrane and PFA core and cage, which are high-temperature and oxidation resistant. The high-density pleated design guarantees high flow rates with low-pressure drop.
  • Inline Gas Filter LAFS Filters have a compact construction composed of a high-purity stainless steel cage. It is specially designed for the fine fitration of semic-process gas with high temperature and pressure.
  • Inline Gas Filter LAFP Filters are designed for the fine filtration of specialized semiconductor process gases. The PTFE membrane provides absolute and precise retention efficiency. Low-extractable PP cage ensures the security of gas filtration.