Greclary CHV Filter High Dirt Holding Capacity and Retention Efficiency


  • Composed of super-fine glass fiber media

  • Rigid fiber material which is suitable for colloid filtration

  • High dirt holding capacity and retention efficiency

  • Low initial pressure, high flow rates and long service life


  • Pre-filtration of cell culture medium

  • Clarification of fermentation broth/cell cultures

  • Filtration blood products/serums

  • Filtration of colloids/viscous liquids

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  • Performance
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Operating Conditions

Max. Temperature80°C

Max. Differential Pressure

0.55 MPa / 25°C
0.1 MPa / 80°C

Materials of Construction

Filter TypeBricap C/L/TCartridge


Glass Microfiber (GF)

Glass Microfiber (GF)

Core/Cage/End CapPolypropylene (PP)Polypropylene (PP)

Capsule Shell

Polypropylene (PP)



Silicone / EPDM

Viton / PTFE

Capsule Vent O-ring



Removal Ratings0.2/ 0.45/ 0.8/ 1.0/ 3.0/ 5.0μm

Biological Safety


Meet the requirement of USP<87>In Vitro Cytotoxicity Test

Meet the criteria of the USP<88>Biological Reactivity Test 

for Class VI-121°C plastics

Endotoxins< 0.25 EU/ml


Effective Filtration Area

Bricap CBricap LBricap TCartridge

C01: 80 cm²

L03: 0.07 m²

T10: 0.24 m²

5" : 0.12 m²

C02: 200 cm²L05: 0.12 m²T20: 0.48 m²10": 0.24 m²

C03: 300 cm²

L10: 0.24 m²

T30: 0.72 m²

20": 0.48 m²

L20: 0.48 m²

30": 0.72 m²

L30: 0.72 m²

40" :0.96 m²

Sterilization Capability

  • Bricap C、 Bricap L、 Bricap T Series 

  • Filter Cartridges: Autoclave

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