CSD Lenticular Filter

Cobetter CSD Series Filters use high purity lignocellulose composite material and an inorganic filter aid agent. Its inner crisscrossing three-dimensional structure allows it to be a depth filter and provide excellent filtration efficiency, high dirt holding capacity, and longer lifetime. Filter paper is manufactured using super-matic production lines. All raw materials are tested by a strict quality control process to ensure filter quality and good performance in any application.

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Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature80°C
Max.Differential Pressure2.4bar / 25°C
FlushPure water 50L/m²
Flow rate 20 lpm/m²
Steaming Sterilization (Autoclave)121°C / 30min

Materials of Construction

Filter MediumCellulose, Diatomaceous Earth

Filtration Area

Number of lensesFiltration area
12 " diameter16" diameter
70.7 m²/
90.9 m²2.1 m²
121.1 m²2.8 m²
141.3 m²3.2 m²
151.4 m²3.5 m²
161.5 m²3.7 m²

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