Inline Gas Filter Cartridges
LAFF Filter Cartridge Series All-Polyfluorene Type

LAFF Filters have a compact construction composed of high-purity all-polyfluorene material. It is specially designed for semiconductor gas filtration, which avoids corrosion caused by moisture.

Feature and Benefits

Excellent Chemical Compatibility

All-polyfluorene material provides excellent chemical compatibility. It is resistant to corrosion caused by gas/tube moisture. Low extractable feature meets high clean standard.

Light Weight Design

Lighter than other high temperature and pressure resistant filters, this reduces pipeline burden.

Unique Drainage Design

Unique design for the draining of condensate water eliminates membrane jamming and increases the gas flow rate.

High Flow Rates & Low Pressure Drop

Inherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane provides exceptionally high flow rates with low-pressure drop.

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPTFE
End cap /Core/CagePFA
Max. Differential Pressure0.2 MPa / 23°C
Removal Ratings0.003μm / 0.01μm
0.1μm / 0.2μm

Product Description

Inlet/Outlet1 / 8" swagelok1 / 8" swagelok
Vent/Drain1 / 8" swagelok1 / 8" swagelok
Diameter23 mm23 mm
Nominal Length79 mm119.0 mm
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