Photoresist Low Extractable Filter Cartridges
PRNU Filter Cartridge Series

PRNU Filter Cartridges are constructed with UPE membrane and HDPE cage, which provides excellent chemical compatibility.

Features and Benefits

High Removal Efficiency

UPE membrane yields excellent removal efficiency of colloids and particles.

Low Extractable

No adhesives or surfactants are used which results in an excellent compatibility with the membrane and HDPE cage.

Available in Various Pore Sizes

Pore sizes from 0.02μm to 10um are available according to customer’s requirements and specifications. In addition, pore size can be customized upon request.

Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaUPE 
End cap /Core/CageHDPE
Max. Operating Temperature60°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.4 MPa / 21°C
0.24 MPa / 60°C

Flow Rate Characteristics


Ordering Information

Removal RatingsEnd CapNominal LengthSealing Material
PRNU0001 = 0.01μmTC = 222/Flat05 = 5 inchP = 20 inch

0002 = 0.02μm
10 = 10 inch

0003 = 0.03μm
20 = inch

0005 = 0.05μm

0010 = 01μm

0020 = 0.2μm

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