High Dirt Holding Capacity Filter Cartridges
PFSA2 Filter Cartridge Series

PFSA2 Filter Cartridges are composed of multi-layer Nano-fiber media. Graded pore design provides superior dirt holding capacity. Graded pore size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) removes particles gradually, eliminates surface jams, and extends the filter’s service life making it especially suitable for high suspended particulates, colloids, and viscous liquids.

  • Graded Filtration

    Multi-layer Nano-fiber media with a graded pore size results in a filter with higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life.

  • Available in a Wide Range of Pore Sizes

    Available in removal ratings from 0.5μm to 90μm to meet a wide range of application requirements.

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  • Broad Chemical Compatibility

    A pure PP structure without any adhesives or surfactants provides excellent chemical compatibility and effectively controls extractables.

  • Specification
  • Performance
  • Ordering Information

Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPP
End Cap / Core / CagePP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.4 MPa / 21°C
0.24 MPa / 80°C
Filter Area0.3 m² / 10 inch

Flow Rate Characteristics

PFSA2 Flow Rate Characteristics.png

Ordering Information

    Removal Ratings   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material  


0020=0.2μm0500=5.0μmDOE=Double Open End05= 5"S=Slilicone-E 


0030=0.3μm1000=10.0μmTC=222 / Flat10= 10"E=EPDM

0050=0.5μm1500=15.0μmTF=222 / Fin20= 20"V=Viton

0060=0.6μm2000=20.0μmSC=226 / Flat30= 30"P=FEP

0080=0.8μmF4000=40.0μmSF=226 / Fin40= 40"




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