Low Ion Release & Efficient Particles Removal Final Filter Cartridges
APSFJ Series

APSFJ Filter Cartridges are constructed of highly-polymeric asymmetric PES membrane and widely used for DI and high-purity water filtration applications. Its features include low ion release and good conductivity recover capability to save inline flushing time. In addition, it provides efficient particle removal efficiency to ensure the quality of pure water. 

Efficient Particle Removal

Removal Ratings up to 0.02um ensure the quality of pure water. It can be used in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, it can be regarded as a replacement for ultra filtration filters.

Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested

Low Extractable

Low ion release and good recover conductivity save inline flushing time.

Large Dirt Holding Capacity and Longer Lifetime

The asymmetric membrane structure provides high flow rates with lower differential pressures and a longer filter lifetime.

Pre-Rinsed with 18MΩ/cm Water Ensures Filter Cleanliness

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPES
End cap /Core/CagePP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.4 MPa / 21°C
0.24 MPa / 80°C
Filter Area1.02 m² / 10 inch

Flow Rate Characteristics

APSFJ Flow Rate Characteristics

Ordering Information

    Removal Ratings   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material  


0003=0.03μmDOE=Double Open End05= 5"S=Slilicone-E 


0005=0.05μmTC=222 / Flat 10= 10"E=EPDM

0008=0.08μmSF=226 / Fin20= 20"

30= 30"

40= 40"


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