Process Water Filters for Microelectronics Industry
EAPS Filter Cartridge Series

EAPS Filter Cartridges are composed of an asymmetric hydrophilic PES membrane, which ensures filtration efficiency and extends the filter lifetime while reducing filtration costs. Especially suited for the filtration of weak acids/alkalis and ultra-pure water.

  • Asymmetric PES Membrane

    The unique membrane structure increases dirt holding capacity and extends the filter service life.

  • Large Filtration Area

    The effective filtration area can reach up to 0.9m /10” which ensures higher flow rates and longer service life.

  • High Filtration Efficiency

    Its porous membrane structure results in ahigh filtration.

  • Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested

    Rinse Treated by 18MΩ of Pure Water

  • Specification
  • Performance
  • Ordering Information

Operating Conditions

Filter MediaHydrophilic Asymmetric PES Memrbane
End cap /Core/CagePP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.3 MPa / 21°C
0.18 MPa / 80°C
Filter Area0.9 m² / 10 inch

Flow Rate Characteristics

EAPS Flow Rate Characteristics.jpg

Ordering Information

    Removal Ratings   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material  


0005=0.05μmDOE=Double Open End05= 5"S=Slilicone-E 


0010=0.1μmTC=222 / Flat 10= 10"E=EPDM

0020=0.22μmTF=222 / Fin20= 20"V=Viton

0045=0.45μmSF=226 / Fin 30= 30"P=FEP

0065=0.65μmSC=226 / Flat40= 40"



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