SPS Sterilizing-Grade PES Filter Cartridge Series

Cobetter SPS PES Filter Cartridge Series is composed of PES membrane imported from Germany.  A high surface area provides excellent flow rates and extending service life when compared to other PES filter cartridges. Each cartridge is individually Integrity Tested to ensure filter quality.

Features and Benefits

Hydrophilic Membrane
An Inherently hydrophilic PES membrane provides excellent hydrophilic filter membrane properties with low initial differential pressure which ensures a high filtration area
Chemical Compatibility
PP cage and PES filter media provide excellent chemical compatibility
Broad chemical compatibility (pH1-14)

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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumPES
Core/Cage/End CapsPolypropylene

Working Characteristics

Max. Operating Temperature≤ 90°C
Max. Working Differential Pressure

0.4 MPa/ 21°C

0.24 MPa/ 90°C

Max. Allowable Reverse
Differential Pressure

0.2 MPa/ 21°C
Effective Filtration Area0.66 cm2 / 10”
Bubble Point Pressure0.2 μm, Bubble Point>0.32MPa
Diffusion Flow≤ 30ml/min, 2750mbar
Bacterial ChallengeLRV>7, B.diminuta (ATCC19146)
Steam Sterilization121°C, 30min
Online Max. Differential Pressure 0.03MPa
Hot Water Sterilization85°C, 30min, Max. Differential Pressure 0.2MPa
Cleaning Methods2% Solutions, ≤ 65°C

Flow Rating


Removal RatingsEnd Capnominal LengthSealing material
SPS0010 = 0.1μmDOE = Double Open End05 = 5 inchS = Silicone

0020 = 0.22μmTC = 222 O-ring/Flat Cap10 = 10 inchE = EPDM

0045 = 0.45μmTF = 222-O-fing/Fin20 = 20inchV = Viton

0065 = 0.65μmSF = 226-O-fing/Fin30 = 30 inchP = PFA /Viton

0080 = 0.8 μmSC = 226-O-fing/Flat Cap40 = 40 inch
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