Sterility Testing Devices


Cobetter sterility test device is a completely closed system for the sterility testing of pharm and biopharm products.It is based on the membrane filter method,however it eliminates the procedure of manipulating the filters.By this means the main risk of a secondary contamination and false positive results is eliminated.A peristaltic pump transfer the sample into the filtration units are filled with media and used for incubation of the filter without any contact to the environment.

Consistent Performance

  • Ergonomically designed needle adapter is the majority of test containers while maintaining a closed concept system;
  • Pre-installed clamps simplfy handling and save time;
  • Canister design reduces foaming,enabling faster filtration;
  • 100% integrity testing;
  • Certificate of quality provided with each system for your batch records.

Ordering Information

   Cat. No.   Type of Sample   Membrane   Packing
   STKD02-PVDFNDS0045M   Liquids in glass bottles   Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45μm   10pcs
   STKDT2-PVDFNDS0045M   Soluble powders in vials
   STKDH2-PVDFNDS0045M   Antibiotic diluted powders in vials
   STKSL2-PVDFNDS0045M   Liquids in ampoules
   STKSS2-PVDFNDS0045M   Liquids in collapsible bags