High Flow Filter Cartridge Series
Designed for Large Flow Applications

Cobetter High Flow Filter is a large diameter, single open ended pleated cartridge filter. With a  6"/152mm diameter, large filtration area,and high flow rate up to 90m³/hr. It can be widely used in a wide variety of industry with less downtime for change-out.

Features and Benefits

  • High density pleated filter type resulting in a high filtration area,high flow rates, longer service life, and high dirt holding capacity.
  • Multi-layered design provides gradient filtration.
  • Internal PP core guarantees no distortion and resists higher reverse differential pressure.
  • Ergonornically designed handle facilities fast and easy
  • Installation and remove without special tools.

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Material of Construction

Filter Media

Support/DrainageEnd CapsCoreOutside Material
PPPleated Polypro
depth structure
Polypropylene  Glass filled
PolypropylenePP Cage 
(HFPP150 Series)
GFRein bonded glass fiber
/Polyester support
Polyester   Glass filled
PolypropylenePET Net
(HF150 Serise)

Recommended Operating Conditions

Max. TemperaturePP:  80°C
GF 130°C
Max. Pressure0.40 Mpa/21°C  HFPP150 (PP Cage)
0.38 MPa/21°C  HF150 (PET Net)
0.15 MPa/80°C

Retention Ratings

Polypropylene (PP)1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 20, 40, 70, 90µm
Glass Fiber (GF)0.8, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 15, 25µm

Retention Characteristic (Filtration Efficiency  HF150NB)

Pore size
PP 0.8PP 1.0PP 2.0PP 3.0PP 5.0PP 10.0PP 20.0

Remarks: The testing particle is made by mixed solution of standard silica .

Flow Rating

Design Flow RateMax Flow Rate
20"15 m³/h30 m³/h
40"30 m³/h40 m³/h
60"45 m³/h90 m³/h

Flow Rate Characteristics

Comparison of Housing Dimension and Element Number

End Cap Configuration

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