Multiple Capacity Capsule

Cobetter NPT Series Capsule Filter is a multiple capacity capsule filter developed for both small batch material filtration and main ink filtration in the digital printing system.

The capsule filters with different volume housings can meet different printers ink requirements. In addition, able to provide different filter cartridges to correspond with varying machine models such as Epson printers,wide format printers, ceramic printers, and marking&coding printers.

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Multiple Capacities Available

Multiple Capacities are available: 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, and 700ml

Optional Media

Correct media selection for different printers can impact filter performance characteristic such as pressure loss,gel retention and service life. The NPT filter offers four high-performance Cobetter media to meet your digital printing filtration requirements: INK-PPC, INK-PPJ, INKPS. Recently launched INK-PS Series is targeted for high-speed printing machines since it can effectively remove ink particles.

Reasonable Capsule Design

Air Inlet and drain vent connection are also moulded of the capsule ensuing the filtrating more effective.

Non-Fiber Releasing Design

Thermal-bonded flber polypropylene forms a stable structure ,and ensure no flber releasing.

Thermal Welding Technology

No adhesive resins and ensure capsule filter excellent pressure endurance.

UV-resistant Housing Design

UV-resistant housing material-black color NPT capsule is special designed for protection from UV light.

Flow Rate Characteristics

Longer Lifetime

8 layers nano-fiber construction, enhanced filtration area, ideal for filtration of high solids containing inks such as ceramic inks for ceramic printers. Particles can be gradually removed, lifetime is extended while maintaining same removal efficiency

Low Differential Pressure & High Flow Rate

INK-PPJ Series is particularly suitable for CIJ printers which provides low differential pressure and high flow rate to ensure smooth flow.

Super High Filtration Efficiency

Specially designed for textile printers. PP media +PES membrane offers 100% removal efficiency and provides high level of printhead protection.



Length85.4 mm119.5 mm134.3 mm174.4 mm
Filter MediaPleated Polypropylene
Cage/Core/Shell/End CapPolypropylene
Max. Allowable Pressure101PSI / 7bar
Max. Allowable Temperature50°C / 120°F


Length85.4 mm



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