CSD Lenticular Filter

CSD Filter Series constructed of high quality lignocellulose material and inorganic filter aid. The inner 3-D crisscrossing structure allows it to function as a depth filter while providing excellent filtration efficiency, high dirt holding capacity, and longer lifetime.  Filter paper is produced automatic production lines.  All raw materials are tested using strict quality control procedures to ensure filter quality and performance during use.

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Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature80°C
Max.Differential Pressure2.4bar / 25°C
FlushPure water 50L/m²
Flow rate 20 lpm/m²
Steaming Sterilization (Autoclave)121°C / 30min

Materials of Construction

Filter MediumCellulose, Diatomaceous Earth

Filtration Area

Number of LensesFiltration Area
12 " Diameter16" Diameter
70.7 m²/
90.9 m²2.1 m²
121.1 m²2.8 m²
141.3 m²3.2 m²
151.4 m²3.5 m²
161.5 m²3.7 m²

Ordering Information

    Removal RatingsEnd CapGradeNominal Length

Number of


CSD 0004=0.04-0.2μmDOE=Double Open EndS=Standard12= 5"=7 LensesS=Silicone 

0020=0.2-0.4 μmTC=222 O-ring/Flat (PBT Insert)P=Pharmaceutical  16=16"=12 LensesE=EPDM

0040=0.4-0.6 μm
F=Process Fluids30=30"M=14 LensesV=Viton 

0060=0.6-0.8 μm

40=40"=16 Lenses

0100=0.8-1.5 μm

0150=1.5-3.0 μm

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