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Glass Fiber Media · Particle Removal

Cobetter GlassFlow® Filter Cartridges constructed of positive Zeta modified glass microfiber media and used in the removal of contaminants such as colloids, lipids, protein aggregates, and particles for biopharmaceutical and beverage liquids. These filters have a high dirt holding capacity and exceptional flow rates when compared to other polypropylene filters.

Features and Benefits

  • Positive Zeta media provides higher dirt holding capacity and adsorptive effect to ensure excellent particle retention efficiency
  • PP Pre-filtration layer
  • Use in fine clarification of products and ancillary liquids extends the lifetime of micro-porous  membrane filters
  • Low pressure drops/high flow rates/long service life
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
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Material of Construction

Filter MediumGlassMicrofiber
Prefilter Layer          Polypropylene                     
Support LayerPolypropylene
Core / Cage / End CapsPolypropylene
Endcap InsertSS304/PBT(Autoclavable)
Effective Filtration Area0.4 m² / Φ68-10 inch

Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature194°F (90°C)
Max.Differential Pressure72.5psi (5.0bar)/ 70°F(21°C)
34.8psi (2.4bar)/ 158°F(70°C)
Steam Sterilization134°C/ 20min

Food and Biological Safety

Extractables< 30mg per 10 inch
Endotoxins< 0.25EU/mL

Flow Rate Charateristics


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