BevPure Filter Cartridges
Single-layer PES Membrane · Sterilizing Grade

BevPure® Filter Cartridges are specially designed to provide reliable sterilizing filtration at the most economical costs. Hydrophilic PES membrane filters require no pre-wetting and are ready to use. This filter is recommended for the sterile filtration of a wide range of liquids e.g. diluting water and beverages.

Features and Benefits

  • Inherent hydrophilic PES membrane
  • Each filter is individually Integrity Tested prior to factory dispatch
  • Bacterial Challenge Test with B.diminuta bacteria
  • Complies with Food Contact Regulations: FDA 21CFR177-182 and 1935/2004 EC

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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumSingle-Layer PES Membrane
Cage / SupportPolypropylene
Core / End CapsPolypropylene

Operating Conditions

Max. Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure

4.0 bar / 21°C (forward flow)

2.4 bar / 70°C (forward flow)

Bubble Point

BP: >0.34 MPa (water), 0.22 μm 

BP: > 0.22 MPa(water), 0.45 μm

Diffusion Flow

DF: < 30 ml/min/10"@ 0.25Mpa(water), 0.22µm

DF: < 28 ml/min/10"@ 0.16Mpa(water), 0.45 μm

Steam Sterilization
(Saturated Steam)

≥200 cycles 

(135°C/30 min @ Max.Differential Pressure of 0.3 bar)

Hot Water Sterilization85°C/30 min @ Max. Differential Pressure of 2 bar
Cleaning Solution2% NaOH Solution @ ≤65°C
Effective Filtration Area0.58m² / 10 inch

Reliable Microbiological Control 

The primary purpose of this membrane filter cartridge in beverage filtration is to effectively remove product spoiling microorganisms

Typical Log Reduction Value(LRV)


Lactobaccilus Brevis

Sasharomyces Cerevisiae


> 7/cm²


> 7/cm²




> 7/cm²N/A
0.65µmN/A> 4/cm²> 7/cm²
1.2µmN/AN/A> 7/cm²

Flow Rate Characteristics

Ordering Information

    -RRemoval Ratings   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material  -F
BP      Blank 0010=0.1μmDOE=Double Open End05= 5"S=Slilicone

0022=0.22μmHTC=222 O-ring/Flat (PBT Insert)10= 10"E=EPDM

0045=0.45μmHTF=222 O-ring/Fin (PBT Insert)20= 20"V=Viton

HSF=226 O-ring/Fin (PBT Insert)30= 30"

SSF=226 O-ring/Fin  (SS Insert)40= 40"

SSC=226 O-ring/Flat (SS Insert)

STF=222 O-ring/Fin (SS Insert, 3 Tabs)  

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