3 Stage Sterile Air Fitration System

Sterile air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are necessary components during beer filtration and in the production of beer. Cobetter Sterile Air System uses a 2-step sterile air filtration process. It is composed of apre-filtration with GGFP Filter Cartrideges and final filtration with TefloGas Filter Catirtdges.This design ensures 100% sterilization.

An additional step utilizes PSSF Stainless Steel Felt Filter Cartridges, which adds steam sterilization to sterile filters.

Cobetter Sterile Air System passes Dominick Hunter Valair Data || Testing Machine requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Sterile air filtration during yeast fermenting
  • Wort sterile filtration
  • CO2 or N2 multivoltage filtering

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