BevClear GF Plus Filter Cartridges
Glass Fiber Media · Particle Removal

BevClear® GF Plus Filter Cartridges are composed of positive Zeta modified microfiber media and ideal for the removal of contaminants such as colloids, yeast, and particles in brewing applications. This advanced media has higher dirt holding capacity combined with efficiency.  The filter is characterized by high particle efficiency compared to other polypropylene filters.

Features and Benefits

  • High dirt holding capacity and excellent particle retention.
  • Ideal for the retention of colloids
  • Low pressure drop and high flow rates and long service life
  • Excellent chemical compatibility

  • Specification
  • Performance
  • Ordering Information

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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumGlass Micro Fiber
Cage / SupportPolypropylene  (Nanofiber)
Core / End CapsReinforced Polypropylene

Operating Conditions

Max. Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure

5.0 bar / 21°C (forward flow)

2.0 bar / 80°C (forward flow)

2.0 bar / 21°C (reverse flow)

Steam Sterilization
(Saturated Steam)

≥20 cycles 

(121°C/30min @ Max. Differential Pressure of 0.3bar)

Cleaning Solution2% NaOH Solution @≤ 65°C
Effective Filtration Area0.26m² / Φ71-10 inch

Flow Rate Characteristics

Ordering Information

    Removal Ratings   End CapNominal LengthSeal Material  -F
BCGF     0020=0.01μmDOE=Double Open End05= 5"S=Slilicone

[Ф71]0025=0.22μmHTC=222 O-ring/Flat (PBT Insert)10= 10"E=EPDM

0045=0.45 μmHTF=222 O-ring/Fin (PBT Insert)20= 20"V=Viton

0080=0.8 μmHSF=226 O-ring/Fin (PBT Insert)30= 30"

0100=1.0 μmSSF=226 O-ring/Fin  (SS Insert)40= 40"

0300=3.0 μmSSC=226 O-ring/Flat (SS Insert)

0500=5.0 μmSTF=222 O-ring/Fin (SS Insert, 3 Tabs)  

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