High-Efficiency Filtration for Chemicals
CLPF/CLHPF Filter Cartridge Series

CLPF Filter Cartridges constructed of a PTFE membrane that provides excellent chemical compatibility and is inherently hydrophobic. It is specifically designed to limit iron extraction so that it meets the requirements of chemicals and organic solvents in the electronics industry.

CLHPF Filter Cartridge Series constructed of a hydrophilic PTFE membrane that is ready-to-use to filter polar solvents without the need for pre-wetting.

Feature and Benefits

Excellent Chemical Compatibility

PTFE membrane has excellent chemical compatibility making it suitable to filter etching fluids and stripping agents.

Low Extractable

High-purity polypropylene provides low extractable. Heated and melted during the welding process without adhesives helps ensure the quality and safe use of the filter cartridge.

High Filtration Efficiency

The PTFE membrane provides high particle retention efficiency up to 99.99%

Available as a Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane

CLHPF constructed as a hydrophilic PTFE membrane requires no pre-wetting and is ready-to-use to filter polar liquids.

Available in a Wide Range of Pore Sizes

Available in removal ratings from 0.1μm to 25μm as well as customizable removal ratings to meet all requirements and specifications.

Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPTFEHydrophlic PTFE
End cap /Core/CagePP
Max. Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.4 MPa / 21°C
0.24 MPa / 80°C
Filter Area0.02-0.2μm
0.74 m² / 10 inch
0.98 m² / 10 inch

Flow Rate Characteristics


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