All Polyfuorene Construction Excellent Corrosion & Temperature Resistance
PFA Filter Cartridge Series

PFA Filter Cartridges are made of high-purity PFA material which ensures low extractable. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it suitable to filter all kinds of chemicals stable and efficiently.

Excellent Chemical Compatibility

A PTFE membrane combined with PFA support provide excellent corrosion and temperature resistance

High Flow Rates; Low Pressure Loss; Long Service Life

Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested

Available as a Pre-wetted Package

The cartridge is available in a pre-wetted package to eliminate the wetting procedure and save time.

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Operating Conditions

Filter MediaPTFE
End cap /Core/CagePFA
Max. Operating Temperature170°C
Max. Differential Pressure0.4 MPa / 21°C
Filter Area5.0μm 1.08 m² / 68-10 inch
Metal Ion Leach< 1 ppb
TOC Leach< 10 ppb
Particle Flush0.2μm particles<10 grains/ml            

Flow Rate Characteristics


Ordering Information

Removal RatingsEnd CapNominal LengthSeal Material
Φ68mmPFA0002 = 0.02μmTC = 222 / Flat05 = 5 inchP = FEP
0003 = 0.03μm
10 = inch

0005 = 0.05μm

0010 = 0.1μm

0020 = 0.2μm

0050 = 0.5μm

0100 = 1.0μm

0500 = 5.0μm

1000 = 10μm

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