TefloGas Filter Cartridges
Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane · Sterilizing Grade

Cobetter TefloGas® FilterCartridges constructed of hydrophobic PTFE membranes and specially designed for the removal of microorganisms and particles from air and gases. Due to their inherently hydrophobic nature, these filters offer the highest level of sterility even with high volume gas streams, extreme humidity, and stringent in-line stream sterilizations.

Features and Benefits

  • Inherently hydrophobic
  • High flow rates with low pressure drops
  • Steam sterilization up to 150 cycles @ 121°C
  • Integrity Tested by all methods including Water Intrusion Test
  • Absolute-rated filter
  • Specifaction
  • Performance
  • Biological Satety
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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumHydrophobic PTFE
Support LayerPolypropylene
CorePolypropylene / 304 stainless steel
End CapsPolypropylene
Internal Adaptor Reinforcing RingPBT ( Polybutylene terephthalate) /304 Stainless Steel
Effective Filtration Area

0.74 m2 / Ф68-10 inch
1.05 m2 / Ф71-10 inch

Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature80°C
Max.Differential Pressure21°C / 5 bar
80°C / 2.4 bar
Steam Sterilization (Autoclave)121°C /30min up to 150 cycles

Flow Rate Characteristics

Air Flow Rate (m3/h)Differential Pressure (mbar)
GFPL-F 0.01

Quality and Biological Safety

  • Integrity Testing
  • All cartridges are integrity tested by the aerosol challenge test methods with VALAIR DATA II. Diffusional Flow<16 ml/min at 0.8bar(11.6psi). Water intrusion<1.35ml/min. Values are for cartridges wetted with 60/40 IPA/Water.
  • Steam Sterilization
  • 71-GPF cartridges can be repeatedly in situ steam sterilizal for up to 150 cycles at 121°C,30min at a maximum differential pressure of 0.5 bar
  • Validation
  • 71-GPF cartridges have been fully validated as sterilizing grade
    filter cartridges, for compressed air and gas applications. It passed the DOP test with DH VALAIR DATA II.

  • Food and Biological Safety

  • Extractables< 30mg per 10 inch
    Endotoxins< 0.25EU/mL
  • Meets the requirements for food contact:  European Regulation (EC) Number 1935/2004

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