PolyRolled Filters (RMF-CR)

Cobetter PolyRolled® depth filters are made of continuously rolled microfiber(for a total of 56 layers). The outer layers are constructed of graded pore size while the inner layers are stable pore size. This provides a large filter area and high efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Nanofiber media is used to increase dirt holding capacity, filter life time, and ensure high filtration efficiency
  • Made of 56 layers of continuously rolled microfiber that provides high filter area for a filtration efficiency of 99.8%
  • Inner PP core increases filter pressure endurance capacity

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Filter MediaRolled Polypropylene Microfiber
Filter Structure ComponentsPolypropylene
Max. Temperature80℃
Max. Differential Pressure3 bar/ 21℃
1.2 bar/ 80℃

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